Angelina Jolie Claims Brad Pitt Abused Her Before 2016 Plane Incident

Angelina Jolie has made new allegations against Brad Pitt, accusing him of physical abuse before their infamous plane incident that led to the end of their marriage. In court documents obtained by TMZ, Jolie's attorneys have claimed that Pitt had allegedly abused her prior to the 2016 incident, which Angelina maintains involved Brad harming their child.

Despite Brad Pitt denying these claims and being cleared of any wrongdoing by the authorities, Angelina Jolie continues to assert that the abuse occurred. Her lawyers suggest that the abuse began before the plane incident and that it was the first time Brad turned his physical abuse towards their children.

This revelation comes as Angelina's legal team files a motion in an ongoing winery case with Brad Pitt, alleging that he is attempting to prevent her from selling her shares without signing a revised non-disclosure agreement (NDA). Brad's side refutes these claims, stating that Angelina is spreading false information to manipulate the public narrative in her favor.

The ongoing legal battles between the former couple indicate that the conflict is far from over, with Brad Pitt maintaining his innocence and dismissing Angelina's allegations as unsubstantiated.

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