Somerhalder and Wesley's Favorite Vampire Diaries Scene Will Make Your Heart Bleed

Although The Vampire Diaries is essentially a show about a love triangle, some fans mainly paid attention to two sides of this geometric figure. And no, we're not talking about Elena and Damon or Elena and Stefan. The Salvatore brothers demonstrated us an exemplary love/hate relationship, only not romantic, but familial.

Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder have repeatedly admitted that they truly love each other, even though they wanted to kill one another, like, 800 times. Which only confirms that it’s a real brotherly relationship.

The Salvatore brothers have come a long way from hatred to love, and their relationship has undergone perhaps the greatest transformation over the course of the show.

There have been many touching scenes between Stefan and Damon in eight seasons, but Ian and Paul's favorite one was arguably the show's most heartbreaking episode.

In the interview with Today, the actors admitted that their most memorable and favorite scene was when they met in the afterlife in the finale. Paul Wesley said:

The final reunion of the brothers was truly touching. After his death, Damon goes to the only place he can truly call home – the Salvatore mansion. Stefan stands there, watching the lights in the fireplace, when he suddenly realizes that he has to open the door, even without knocking.

And he knows who he will see behind.

Damon says one last, calm and warm, "Hello, brother." And they hug. We are not crying, you do.

Ian and Paul's connection to The Vampire Diaries continued after the show ended. What was the favorite drink of the Salvatore brothers? Bourbon, of course. They drank it all the time, and did it with such gusto that it makes you want to sit in a comfy old chair and slowly sip good American whiskey.

They gave us that opportunity. The actors created their own bourbon for everyone to try and called it very symbolically – Brother’s Bond.


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