This Vampire Diaries Spinoff Can Do Justice To The Most Underrated Character

Even though the final episode of The Vampire Diaries aired in 2017, many fans are still not ready to let go of their favorite story and its characters. Especially those characters who weren't given nearly enough credit by the writers during the show's run.

Bonnie Bennett is a character that everyone in the fandom would admit has been messed with. With a talent like hers, she could have ended up as powerful as the witches of New Orleans, if not more so, but her development went down the drain.

Although nothing has ever been publicly confirmed, fans believe that this could be due to the personal problems between Julie Plec and actress Kat Graham.

Whether that's true or not, Bonnie's character was one of the most promising to begin with, but she never got a chance to shine and was horribly mistreated by her friends throughout the show's run.

Fortunately, The Vampire Diaries has a chance to make that right. Even though the series has ended, fans are very open to the idea of a spin-off that focuses on, you guessed it, Bonnie's life after the events of the original show.

Free from her toxic friendships and the need to sacrifice herself, Bonnie was able to explore magic in peace and build new relationships with other witches and warlocks. Since the magic aspect of The Vampire Diaries has been the most interesting, mysterious, and compelling part of the show for many viewers, we're sure there could be a lot more to explore.

Unfortunately for fans, there are no real prospects of such a show coming to life anytime soon.

With The Vampire Diaries' parent network, The CW, moving away from teen/young adult content, the creators would have to pitch the idea to another studio. Besides, after all the mistreatment Kat Graham has received from the team so far, it wouldn't be surprising if the actress turned down any offers.

All that is left for the nostalgic viewers of The Vampire Diaries is to re-watch the series. You can join the party by streaming the show on Netflix, Peacock TV, or Amazon Prime Video.


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