This Vampire Diaries Character Had It the Absolute Worst (No, It’s Not Bonnie)

Tyler Lockwood didn’t deserve anything that happened to him. Let’s have a look at his miserable life, shall we?

Tyler grew up in an unstable household with an abusive dad, living in constant fear of unlocking his werewolf curse. Sure, he was a total jerk in the beginning, who wasn’t worthy of our sympathy, but when he finally became a werewolf, everything changed. For one, he attempted to cope with his anger issues (which is hard thing to do in Mystic Falls, by the way).

Tyler killed Sarah, who was compelled to trigger him to do so but still, and he had to live with the guilt (didn’t live for long though).

His uncle died, and Tyler was killed and turned into a hybrid by Klaus, which meant that he was now sired to a psycho who tried to murder his loved ones. Then he had basically committed suicide a bunch of times to break the sire bond, got manipulated by Hayley, and found out that his mom was murdered.

His love life was a disaster of its own – remember when his ex slept with his mom’s killer and had no regrets about it? Yep, that happened. Just when Tyler finally had a shot at happiness, he had to kill his girlfriend… Later on, he left his hometown, and we hoped that he was finally at peace. Nope, he returned in season 8 only to be brutally murdered by Damon.

Tyler Lockwood came a long way from a bully to a hero, but he definitely deserved a happy ending. The fact that the writers had Damon kill him out of the blue is a sore point to many The Vampire Diaries fans to this day.

Tyler’s story arc remains one of the best in the show, and it truly hurts that he met his end at the hands of Damon, although he did go out in a very fitting way – unafraid and with a snarky comment he threw in Damon’s face.

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