Selena Gomez Roasted by Hailey Bieber's Fashion Guru

Selena Gomez is facing criticism from Hailey Bieber's stylist, Maeve Reilly. The article explores the feud between the two, highlighting the stylist's disapproval of Gomez's fashion choices. The conflict arises as Reilly claims that Gomez "copied" Bieber's style and even accused her of not being original. This has sparked a heated debate among fans and fashion enthusiasts.

Reilly, who is known for working closely with Hailey Bieber and curating her trendy looks, took to social media to express her views on Gomez's fashion sense. She shared a post on Instagram, showcasing Bieber's outfit alongside one of Gomez's recent outfits, hinting that Gomez had copied Bieber's style.

Reilly further criticized Gomez by suggesting that she lacked originality and was merely imitating Bieber's look.

The article highlights that this feud has caught the attention of both celebrities' fan bases, leading to a divided reaction. Some fans sided with Reilly, agreeing with her criticisms of Gomez's fashion choices. They argued that Gomez should have her own unique style rather than imitating someone else. Additionally, some supported Reilly's statement that Bieber's style was more innovative and had made a greater impact in the fashion realm.

On the other hand, many fans defended Gomez against Reilly's accusations.

They claimed that fashion is subjective and that it is common for people to inspire and influence each other. They argued that Gomez should not be judged for exploring different styles and experimenting with her look. They also pointed out that Gomez has been an influential figure in the fashion world and has her own fan base who appreciates her fashion choices.

The article also delves into the stylist's background and her close association with Hailey Bieber. Maeve Reilly has been instrumental in crafting Bieber's fashionable image and has helped her become a style icon. It is this association that led to Reilly's criticism of Gomez's supposed imitation of Bieber's style.


In conclusion, Selena Gomez has been embroiled in a controversy with Hailey Bieber's stylist, Maeve Reilly, who accused her of copying Bieber's style and lacking originality. The feud has ignited a debate among fans regarding the concept of fashion and individuality. While some support Reilly's criticisms, others defend Gomez's fashion choices and argue that inspiration is a common occurrence in the fashion world.

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