Punk Snatches $18k Purses, Takes Off — Runs Into Instant Karma

A member of a theft ring snatched $18,000 in luxury purses and quickly took off for the exit. However, just before he could escape, he ran straight into the most satisfying karma — and it was all caught on video.

Smash-and-grab theft has devastated businesses in the most crime-ridden areas. Disturbingly, some gangs have grown so insolent that they will often walk into a shop, seize armfuls of items, and make a shameless sprint for the door, getting away with thousands of dollars worth of products before employees even know what hit them.

After a retail crime theft ring in Bellevue, Washington targeted a designer store, police were left marveling at how "brazen" the thieves have become. Incredibly, this bold behavior has resulted in some brash decisions, which have finally led to officers capturing one of the unfortunate suspects.

Police say that a local theft gang carried out a calculated heist in which multiple suspects targeted a Louis Vuitton store in broad daylight, KOMO reported. Surveillance cameras captured the plot, which saw several thieves grab luxury handbags from shelves, rip them from the displays, and make a mad dash for the doors. Unfortunately, one thief wasn't so lucky.

While his friends had successfully made off with multiple luxury purses each, one 17-year-old male suspect somehow got turned around during his escape. Instead of running for the exit, the thief sprinted toward a newly cleaned plate glass window. The outcome was nothing short of satisfying.

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