Patricia Richardson Calls Out Tim Allen for Home Improvement Reboot Talk, Reveals Why She's Not Interested

Patricia Richardson Rejects Idea of 'Home Improvement' Reboot

Patricia Richardson, best known for her role as Jill Taylor in the popular '90s sitcom "Home Improvement," has made it clear that she has no interest in a reboot of the show. During a recent podcast appearance, the actress expressed her firm opposition to the idea, calling it "weird" for co-star Tim Allen to suggest that everyone was on board for a reunion.

Richardson explained that she had never been approached about reviving the show and emphasized that the original cast has moved on to different pursuits. She highlighted the absence of key cast members, such as Earl Hindman, who played Wilson, and noted that the dynamics wouldn't be the same without them.

Despite Allen hinting at the possibility of a reunion in the past, Richardson firmly believes that "Home Improvement" should remain a beloved memory from the past. She concluded, "We did it well, we quit at the right time before it got really bad and it should just stay like it is."

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