“This is really finally me being able to play a woman”: Zendaya’s ‘Challengers’ Might Be Her Most Important Hollywood Role That Even Eclipses Dune 2 for One Reason

Isn’t it just wild to think how Zendaya has been able to hone her craft in such a remarkable way, all while predominantly portraying teenage characters on screen throughout her career? From her Disney days to , she’s proven herself as an actor time and again.

But now, her latest movie, brings her the opportunity to finally leave that image behind and portray a woman closer to her age. And experiencing her metamorphosis on screen could just be the best thing the audiences are in for!

How Could Propel Zendaya to New Heights in Hollywood!

Up until , was Hollywood’s go-to for teenage roles, whether it was her spy adventures in Disney’sMCU’s franchise, or her portrayal of Rue in HBO’s . While she showcased her talents very well within those boundaries, it was high time for her to break free. Enter , as it was the first film that offered her this golden opportunity.

As the made its debut, audiences were most certainly left in shock after catching a glimpse of Zendaya in something they’d never seen her in before. Only a little clip of the actor’s daring performance sent shockwaves through the industry.

a chance to break free from her stereotypical teenage image, is driving the final nail into that coffin. The success of this film could serve as a pivotal moment for Zendaya in her career.

Although some might say she is at her peak, this could potentially open doors that not only challenge her in new and exciting ways but also keep audiences on the edge of their seats and propel her further into becoming the biggest Hollywood star.

Zendaya Is Excited to Finally Portray a Character Her Age!


In a recent interview with , Zendaya shared her personal journey and emphasized the significance of her character in the upcoming movie. While getting ready for the film’s premiere, she expressed the impact the character has had on her. On finally portraying a character who is not a teenager, she said,

“People see me as a teenager, since I was a teenager for so long. This is really finally me being able to play a woman closer to my own age. Well, technically I do still play a teenager [in the movie] at some points, but then she grows up.”


Expanding on her character in the film Tashi, who is a professional tennis player who had to set aside her career due to an injury. She said,

“Tashi is really the center of it. She’s a go-getter. She’s extremely driven and kind of willing to do whatever is necessary to get a piece of life that she needs. I believe that tennis is her first love—I think her unapologetic harshness, I think is something I never really played a character like that before.”

Tashi is one complex, morally gray character, whose actions may not always align with what’s deemed “right.” Yet, viewers may find themselves able to relate to her on some level.


Penned by Justin Kuritzkes, the film delves into the intricate world of tennis. Zendaya describes it as a tale of

All in all, is definitely a must-watch, as it might just be the opportunity that allows Zendaya to finally spread her wings, fly high, and come into her own as an actor.

is set to release on 26th April, 2024.

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