Blake Lively playfully mocks Ryan Reynolds in response to Rob McElhenney's birthday message

Blake Lively playfully teases her husband Ryan Reynolds after he posted a heartfelt birthday tribute to actor Rob McElhenney. In the post, Reynolds shared a sweet message on Instagram, praising McElhenney for his talent, kindness, and friendship. However, Lively couldn't resist trolling her husband, making a humorous comment in response.

The playful banter occurred after Reynolds took to Instagram to celebrate McElhenney's birthday. Reynolds shared a picture of himself with McElhenney, accompanied by a heartfelt message. In the caption, Reynolds expressed his admiration for McElhenney, describing him as talented, kind, and generous.

He also highlighted their friendship and expressed gratitude for McElhenney's presence in his life.

Taking the opportunity to inject some humor into the situation, Lively decided to troll Reynolds by commenting on the post. She jokingly questioned Reynolds' choice of photo and suggested that he was trying to crop her out of it. Lively's comment added a light-hearted touch to the heartfelt tribute, showcasing the couple's playful dynamic.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are known for their playful and humorous interactions on social media. The couple frequently engages in friendly banter and trolling, leaving their fans entertained and amused.

This time, Lively couldn't resist teasing her husband as he shared his birthday wishes for McElhenney.

Rob McElhenney is an actor, writer, and producer, best known for his role as Mac on the hit television show "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia." He has been friends with Reynolds for several years, and they have often displayed their camaraderie on social media.

While Reynolds' heartfelt tribute to McElhenney showcased his appreciation and admiration for his friend, Lively's humorous comment added a touch of levity to the situation. The couple's playful banter on social media has become a trademark of their relationship and often draws attention from their fans.

In conclusion, Blake Lively playfully teases husband Ryan Reynolds over his heartfelt birthday tribute to actor Rob McElhenney. Lively's humorous comment, in response to Reynolds' post, adds a light-hearted touch to the situation and showcases the couple's playful dynamic on social media.

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