Jason Momoa Flaunts Chiseled Physique Shirtless in Men's Health

Jason Momoa, known for his role as Aquaman, recently posed shirtless on the cover of Men's Health for the May/June issue. In the interview, he revealed that he feels like an "aging superhero." The 43-year-old actor explained that he suffered a hernia injury while filming the Aquaman sequel in March 2022, which has made it difficult for him to do sit-ups. However, he has found other ways to stay in shape, such as using kettlebells, doing banded exercises, and boxing. Momoa's upcoming projects include the Minecraft film and his Apple TV+ series called Chief Of War, in addition to the release of Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom later this year.

On the cover of Men's Health, Momoa showed off his muscular physique, leaning on a Land Rover parked on a sandy shore. He wore tan bottoms and gazed at the sun in the distance. The actor has a busy schedule ahead with the Aquaman sequel, Fast X, and his own TV series. He expressed his surprise at the success of the first Aquaman film, which grossed over $1 billion at the box office. Momoa mentioned his role as a villain in Fast X and praised his co-star Vin Diesel for supporting his unique choices in portraying his character.

Apart from his film projects, Momoa has been working on his Apple TV+ series, Chief Of War.

He described the series as his "baby" and his "dream" and expressed his excitement about bringing the story of the unification of the Hawaiian Islands to life from an indigenous perspective. Momoa played various roles in the series, including starring, directing, and co-writing. He hopes that the series will teach indigenous kids about their warrior heritage and the importance of understanding their history.

While working on projects away from home, Momoa revealed that he misses his two children, Lola and Nakoa-Wolf, whom he shares with his ex-wife Lisa Bonet. He stays connected with them through videos of their climbing adventures, a sport that he also enjoys.


Momoa explained that climbing keeps him grounded and centered amidst the chaos of his career. He emphasized the importance of teaching his children the value of hard work and perseverance.

Despite his success in acting, Momoa expressed a desire to explore other creative endeavors, such as painting and writing. He also has a strong passion for making environmental change and hopes to use his platform to make a significant impact.

In conclusion, Jason Momoa continues to make waves in the entertainment industry with his upcoming projects, dedication to fitness, and desire to pursue a variety of artistic endeavors.

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