Joe Rogan Slams 'The View,' Calls It a 'Rabies-Infested Hen House'

Joe Rogan slammed "The View" following his guest Coleman Hughes' recount of a tense exchange on the show. During his appearance on 'JRE,' Hughes discussed his clash with Sunny Hostin regarding race and color blindness. Hughes, known for his book advocating for a shift away from race-based focus to one on class and socioeconomic status, felt unfairly attacked by Hostin. Rogan shared his thoughts, labeling 'The View' as a "rabies-infested hen house" where such confrontations are common. Despite the heated exchange, Hughes stood his ground, asserting his independence and rejecting accusations of being a pawn for the right. The incident shed light on the ongoing debate surrounding race and society's approach to addressing systemic issues. Hughes' resilience in the face of criticism showcased his commitment to his principles.

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