Super Bowl Set to Pay Tribute to Las Vegas with Sinatra 'My Way' Broadcast


Las Vegas, the city known for its glitz, glamour, and all things over-the-top, is set to host its first-ever Super Bowl in 2024. And in true Sin City style, the event will pay homage to the late, great Frank Sinatra.

Sources have disclosed to TMZ that the Super Bowl LVIII broadcast will feature several prominent tributes to the iconic singer, with his famous rendition of "My Way" leading the opening segment. This choice is seen as a fitting tribute to the storied desert town, encapsulating the essence of Las Vegas.

During the CBS broadcast, viewers can expect to see action shots of star players like Travis Kelce, Patrick Mahomes, and Christian McCaffrey. But the network will also delve into more personal stories, as interviews with players' families discuss the importance of their loved ones.


To accompany these heartfelt moments, a new mix of "My Way" will serve as the soundtrack. This special edition will include a live orchestra, with Sinatra's voice resonating through the screens of The Sphere, Las Vegas' newest concert venue.

Not only will the game feature these tributes, but Usher's Halftime performance will also involve a nod to the iconic song. With this continuous theme of "My Way" running through the event, the Super Bowl LVIII will be a true celebration of the spirit of Las Vegas.

The decision to honor Las Vegas in such a way demonstrates CBS and the NFL's commitment to immersing viewers in the experience. And with the buzz already building, it's clear that this tribute will allow the magic of Las Vegas to reach audiences far and wide.


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