Why Was Lexi Branson Killed Off In Vampire Diaries?

The Vampire Diaries is one of the shows that you can analyze over and over again, discussing every little plot detail and obsessing with everything that happened during eight seasons of the show.

Naturally, there is much more to discuss than the Salvatore brothers and Elena’s love triangle. In fact, fans are even more invested in the side characters that actually meant a lot more to the overall plot of the show.

One of the most popular of these characters was Lexi Branson. A vampire with angelic looks, she was Stefan's best friend. Although she only appears once in the whole show (as a character), she definitely brings so much to it.

Episode 8 of season 1 is really dramatic because it ends with Lexi's brutal death. And hardcore fans know who to blame.

Yes, many fans started to hate Damon after he framed Lexi for the crime he committed and then killed her cold-bloodedly. Fans weren't ready for that and never found peace with the writers’ decision.

But unfortunately, it seems like her death was something the story really needed at that point. With Damon killing Lexi, it's once again emphasized that he's the bad guy in the show for now. And that although he does everything he can to save himself and his brother, the methods Damon chooses are always far from moral.

With Lexi's murder, the show has also made it clear that it's too dangerous to be around the Salvatore brothers, and anything can happen, even to those we don't suspect are in danger.

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