Ben Affleck Caved to Being in a Social Media Relationship with Jennifer Lopez

Ben Affleck made a major request of Jennifer Lopez before rekindling their romance, asking her to keep their relationship private and off social media. This revelation was shared in J Lo's new Amazon Prime documentary, "The Greatest Love Story Never Told", which delves into their relationship dynamics. Initially, Ben wanted to maintain privacy in their relationship, stating, "Getting back together, I said, 'Listen, one of the things I don’t want is a relationship on social media.'" However, he later realized the unfairness of this demand, considering Jennifer's significant social media presence and fan base.

Despite his initial reservations, Ben eventually relented, acknowledging the need for compromise in their differing approaches. The couple, famously known as Bennifer, rekindled their romance in 2021 after nearly 20 years apart and tied the knot the following year. While Ben may not be a fan of the spotlight, he played a crucial role in Jennifer's documentary, "This Is Me...Now", serving as her inspiration and muse. Though he prefers to stay out of the limelight, Ben's contribution to the project was invaluable, showcasing a different side of the actor to fans.

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