“You can’t breathe. It’s so hard”: Zendaya Had to Suffer Through Entire ‘Dune’ Premiere After Refusing To Go Easy on Her Fashion Choices

While fans had no complaints about 2021’s long run time, which clocked at 155 minutes, Zendaya had a rough time sitting throughout the film during the Venice Film Festival.

Over the past few years, the Marvel Star has become the biggest attraction in Award ceremonies and fashion shows following her breathtaking outfits, which often take the internet by storm. And similar was the case during the 78th Annual Venice International Film Festival, when she entered the event in a custom Balmain dress, but beauty came at a price for the actor.

Zendaya Couldn’t Focus on Following the Complications of the Leather Gown

During‘s premiere at the 78th Venice Film Festival, proved why she is called the red carpet queen, as she entered the event in a custom Balmain leather dress. Speaking with , Zendaya recalled that it wasn’t initially a dress, and prior to ‘s premiere, she saw a corset with a similar pattern. This eventually led the Star to contact her stylist to create a dress with a similar pattern, which resulted in the custom-made leather gown.

While it was enticing to look at, considering it was solid, sitting and breathing became a strenuous task, which made her time watching the premiere as difficult as surviving the heat in Arrakis.

When this collection came out which this wasn’t a dress, it was like a corset kind of thing but I saw it and I Immediately, mind you Dune didn’t come out yet it wasn’t even close to the time, I said I wanna wear it, something like a version of this, a dress version of this for Dune… This is made of leather but it kind of looks like liquid but it’s all solid, so it’s really difficult to sit in and to breathe in because it doesn’t, you can’t breathe, it’s just like hard, so the whole movie I’m like, just focusing on breathing”


Despite the inconvenience, her custom outfit at the premiere, designed by Law Roach, remains one of the Red Carpet queen’s best looks to date.

Zendaya Has No Problem Returning for a Potential Adaptation

With racking in rave reviews prior to its release, currently standing at a whopping 97% at the Tomatometer with over 170 reviews, it’s safe to say chances for a threequel seems bright. And if decides to adapt for the third part, Zendaya will have no problem reprising her part, as she expressed her excitement regarding the second book.


She said (via ):

“Any time Denis calls it’s a yes from me. I’m excited to see what happens. I started ‘Messiah’ and I was like, ‘Woah, I’m only shooting the first movie. Let me just go back to the first one.’ It’s so much to take in, but there’s no better hands with better care and love for it than Denis.”

With set to be Zendaya’s next release after , fans can anticipate more enticing outfits from the actor in the upcoming weeks.

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