WHY 'Blue Bloods' Fans Prefer Jackie Over Baez Every Time?


Fans of the hit show Blue Bloods have always had a keen interest in Detective Danny Reagan's love life. Over the course of his career, Danny has worked with several attractive partners, leading to intense speculation from the show's audience.

There are two distinct groups among fans when it comes to Danny's romantic interests. Some are eager to see him reunite with his current partner, Maria Baez, while others are rooting for a reconciliation with his former partner, Jackie Curatola.

Recently, rumors of Jackie's possible return have sparked excitement among the latter group of fans. They believe that with Jackie back on the show and Danny expressing his readiness to move on in his love life, a reunion between the two is inevitable.


Supporters of Danny and Jackie's relationship argue that they have always had great chemistry and have shipped them from the beginning. They see Jackie as someone who challenges Danny and keeps him in line, unlike Maria.

While the prospect of a Danny and Jackie reunion seemed like a distant dream for a long time, the return of Jackie has given hope to these fans. It seems that there may be no other reason for her return than to continue their paused but not forgotten romantic storyline.

Fans of Blue Bloods eagerly await further developments in Danny Reagan's love life, hoping to see their favorite detective find happiness with the partner of their choice.


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