Detective Abigail Baker in Blue Bloods Nearly Had a Different Identity


The Reagan family has long been a prominent presence in New York City law enforcement, making them a central part of the "Blue Bloods" universe. However, even the Reagans, with all their passion and dedication, sometimes need a helping hand. That's where Abigail Baker comes in.

Abigail, played by Abigail Hawk, has been Commissioner Frank Reagan's voice of reason since the very beginning of the show. Originally, Abigail was envisioned as a non-entity, lacking a surname or any defining characteristics. But over the course of the series, she has transformed into a pivotal character.


In a recent interview, Abigail Hawk revealed that her character was initially named Melissa, with no last name, age, or even a gender assigned. It was Tom Selleck, her co-star and influential figure on the show, who helped shape Abigail's identity. Selleck believed Melissa was too ordinary and proposed the name Abigail, which was eventually approved by the show's lawyers.

Thanks to Selleck's input, Abigail Baker gained a fully developed identity and has become an integral part of the series. Now in its 13th season, it's hard to imagine "Blue Bloods" without her. This just goes to show Selleck's keen eye for a good character and his contribution to the success of the show.

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