Trippie Redd DNA Test Determined He's Not Father of Newborn Child

Rapper Trippie Redd's recent revelation has shocked fans as he admits that the baby he introduced to the world last year is not his own. In a recent blog, DDG discussed the joys of parenting after welcoming his first-born son with girlfriend Halle Bailey. It was during this conversation that Trippie Redd confessed to not being a part of the “new daddy club” as previously believed.

Trippie Redd shared that his mother had encouraged him to undergo a DNA test, which confirmed that he was not the father. Despite initially believing he was the proud father of baby Saint Michael White, Trippie Redd's paternal instincts were proven wrong. The rapper had even canceled his tour to focus on fatherhood before the truth came to light.

This unexpected turn of events has left Trippie Redd heartbroken, but at least he now knows that his parental instincts are intact for when the time comes for him to become a father.

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