Chayce Beckham Has Broken the 'American Idol' Curse, and He's Stoked

American Idol winner Chayce Beckham reflected on breaking the show's "curse" with his hit song "23" during a recent appearance. Beckham is the first winner since Phillip Phillips in 2012 to have a hit song after the show. He is also the first country winner to achieve a No. 1 single post-Idol since Carrie Underwood. Beckham expressed surprise at the song's success, explaining that he wrote it to share his truth. He did not anticipate the strong connection fans would feel to the song. Luke Bryan, a judge on American Idol, praised Beckham's talent and character. Beckham remains grateful for the experience, moving forward regardless of the outcome. Reflecting on his first No. 1 hit, Bryan commended Beckham's journey in the music industry. Beckham's success marks a significant milestone in his career.

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