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Black Adam Producer's Original Plan Was To Pit Dwayne Johnson Against Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman, Not Henry Cavill: 'To see them share the screen is going to be pretty awesome'!

In the world of superhero movies, crossovers and team-ups are always exciting for fans. The DC Extended Universe had the potential to bring together two of its biggest stars, Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam and Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, in an epic battle on the big screen.

Reports suggest that the film’s producer, Hiram Garcia, had intentions to pit Dwayne Johnson’s Black Adam against Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman instead of Henry Cavill’s Superman. But this potential team-up didn’t happen due to Johnson’s obsession with a Marvel-DC crossover and a Henry Cavill vs. Dwayne Johnson showdown.

The Missed Opportunity of a Black Adam/Wonder Woman Crossover

According to reports, producer was adamant that a Black Adam and team-up should happen, maintaining that it was a huge must for the characters. In an interview, Garcia said,

“To see Black Adam and Wonder Woman share the screen is going to be pretty awesome. I honestly feel like Wonder Woman is one of the few superheroes that can go toe-to-toe with Black Adam.”

However, Dwayne Johnson was apparently more interested in the idea of a crossover between the Marvel and DC Universes, rather than teaming up with Wonder Woman. stated,

“I turned to Ryan [Reynolds] and Gal [Gadot] and said there should be a crossover between Marvel and the DC Universe. We can be the ones to possibly make it happen. So, we’ll see. We’ll see what happens.”

This focus on a Marvel/DC crossover over a Black Adam/Wonder Woman team-up meant that Gadot’s appearance in the Black Adam movie did not materialize. It is a missed opportunity, as the chemistry between the two actors could have been electric. Furthermore, the Black Adam/Wonder Woman storyline would have made more sense, as the two characters share a history in the comics. Instead, we got a less-than-stellar idea of bringing ‘s Superman back into the picture.

The Obsession with a Marvel/DC Crossover

It is not the first time that Dwayne Johnson has expressed his desire for a Marvel/DC crossover. The idea has been talked about in the past, but it seems like a long shot. The rights to the Marvel and DC characters are owned by two different studios, and a crossover would be a logistical nightmare.

Moreover, the obsession with a Marvel/DC crossover seems to have hurt Johnson’s chances of creating a successful franchise. His focus on the crossover and the inclusion of Henry Cavill’s Superman in the movie were both misplaced.

DC was already working with James Gunn on a Cavill-less new Supes movie, and the Black Adam franchise might have had more success in the Gunnverse. Instead, Johnson’s obsession with the Marvel/DC crossover and his insistence on including Superman resulted in an embarrassing situation for everyone involved.

It is a shame that Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman could not make an appearance in the Black Adam movie due to Johnson’s obsession with a Marvel/DC crossover. The chemistry between Johnson and Gadot would have been excellent, and the Black Adam/Wonder Woman storyline would have made more sense.

Dwayne Johnson’s focus on the Marvel/DC crossover and the inclusion of Henry Cavill’s Superman ultimately hurt the Black Adam franchise. The future of the franchise remains uncertain, but one thing is for sure – we will not be seeing a Marvel/DC crossover anytime soon.

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