“If you go missionary… the girl who licks your belly button”: Shaquille O’Neal reveals the sexual challenges she faced because of her height

Shaq couldn't help but laugh at this question.

We maybe view NBA players simply as athletes, but they are also real people that do everyday things just like everybody else in the world. But sometimes, when you are a giant and over 7'0'', certain activities can become challenging. Especially if you are a 7'1'', 325-pound monster like Shaquille O'Neal.

Intimate challenges

Shaq recently appeared on The Pivot Podcast and talked about some great and emotional topics like his relationships with Kobe, Penny, his ex-wife, and much more, but the crew also touched on a hilarious subject.

At one point, Channing, who is known for being bold enough to ask the spiciest questions, shared he is really interested to hear how Shaq overcomes the challenge of his size when it comes to intimate relationships with the ladies.

The whole crew and Shaq were in shambles, laughing, and after a long pause of hesitation and contemplating his answer, O'Neal shared a very mathematical approach:

"It's all about geometry. 7'1'', and look. The head is right there, and the mid-section is right where it needs to be. Geometry. That's why you gotta arch that back.Shaquille O'Neal, The Pivot Podcast

Shaq was holding back from bursting into laughter as he concluded in the end that he is a virgin and saving himself. But you have to admit, Shaq handled the question very well and showed class, not revealing too much about what happens in his bedroom.

The NBA lifestyle

Shaq was married for nine years but has been divorced and on the dating scene since 2011. He definitely had the chance to meet a lot of women in that period and practice his "geometry." Some experiences, like his, weren't so successful, but I doubt Shaq has too much trouble with the ladies.

After all, being a famous multi-millionaire giant attracts the female gender. We all know the infamous stories of  or . Oh, the life of an NBA player. It must be tough!

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