“He’s scared, I’ll knock his brains out” — Michael Jordan revealed why Tiger Woods refused to play basketball

 and  have a lot in common. Both were highly successful in their chosen sports, represented some of the biggest brands in the world, were both Nike and Gatorade endorsers at some point, and are known for being uber competitive on the course and court. They also reached billionaire status. But the question remains: if MJ plays golf with Tiger and is quite good at it, how come Tiger hasn’t tried playing basketball with MJ? Mike revealed the answer to this one.

“He’s scared, I’ll knock his brains out.”

As stars in their respective sports, MJ and Woods’ worlds were bound to collide. The two shared the golf course several times.

 , Tiger had not tried playing basketball with him because he was scared.

“” Jordan said. “”

It may have been said in jest from a GOAT to another GOAT but there’s some truth to it. Basketball is a highly-physical game, and while golf requires athletes to maintain core strength, flexibility, and power from the legs, hips, and shoulders, there's no contact between players.

Different paths for MJ and Woods

Both Mike and Tiger experienced fame and fortune, but only one managed to handle it well. While MJ is no saint, and he had been involved in some troubles throughout his career, and even in retirement, they pale compared to the ones Woods had to go through due to poor choices.

Woods was implicated in an infidelity issue and DUI in the past. He battled injuries that affected his performance and resulted in a slip in world rankings. Tiger battled back and was able to improve his rankings. He is still far from being the best again, but the important thing is he is willing to go through the process.

Woods and MJ experienced the highest of highs and lowest of lows, but the fans stayed by their side; they are GOATs for a reason, after all. 

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