Rihanna Abruptly Ended A Televised Interview When The Reporter Asked Her A Question About A Certain Actor

Rihanna is one of the most successful singers of the past decade. She has ranked up a ton of Billboard Hot 100 number one hits. She has acted and even headlined the Super Bowl halftime show. Rihanna was also nominated for Best Original Song at the Oscars for her Black Panther: Wakanda Forever single "Lift Me Up."

However, despite her professional accomplishments, Rihanna has faced scrutiny on her private life.

In 2012, romance rumors between her and Ashton Kutcher made headlines. Rihanna was confronted with these rumors by reporters when promoting her acting debut in Battleship. During one televised interview, Rihanna was so fed up with the questions that she abruptly ended the interview.

Rihanna Was Reportedly Seen Leaving Ashton Kutcher's House At Four In The Morning

In 2012, rumors of a romance swirled around Rihanna and Ashton Kutcher. RadarOnline reported the singer was seen leaving Kutcher's Los Angeles mansion at 4:00 in the morning. According to the outlet, Rihanna was having dinner with friend Melissa Forde at Giorgio Baldi's in Santa Monica earlier that night.

The outlet also reported that Rihanna wore denim short shorts, a loose shirt and red polka-dot heels when she left Kutcher's home. Many were wondering the reason behind the meeting. Some speculated it was about business, since Rihanna was stepping into the acting realm with the film Battleship during that time.

However, there were also rumors the two were involved in a relationship based more on pleasure than business.

At the time, Kutcher was going through a divorce with Demi Moore. He was also linked to Lorene Scafaria, a screenwriter with whom he spent the 2011 holidays in Italy and had a laser-tag date earlier that same month.

Rihanna also faced rumors she was hooking up with her ex Chris Brown. However, she revealed on The Jonathan Ross Show that she was single.

"Single life is so overrated," she said.


"It sucks. I have such incredible experiences in my life. You don't want to live your life and then meet someone. You want to share your life with someone. That's what I'm missing right now."

Rihanna Shuts Down A Reporter Who Asked About Ashton During A Press Conference

During the promotion of the film Battleship, Rihanna was asked about the romance rumors during a press conference. An intrepid reporter named "Sarah" dared to ask Rihanna about the rumors she and Kutcher were dating. Based on Rihanna's reaction, she clearly wasn't happy about it.

"You're so good with connecting with people, that I think that we actually feel we know you," Sarah began.


"Things are clearly going brilliantly in your career. I just wondered if you are as happy in your private life. Will we be seeing a certain Mr. Ashton Kutcher perhaps making a trip over here?"

"Wow, how disappointing was that question," Rihanna responded, shaking her head.

A moderator interjected, asking Rihanna if they should move on to someone else.

"Absolutely," Rihanna said. She then told the reporter, "I'm happy and I'm single, if that's what you're really asking."

Rihanna's response didn't go over well with Howard Stern, who ranted about the singer on his radio show.


Stern seemed to think Rihanna didn't have any business refusing to answer questions about her private life.

"Who are you?" Stern asked. "You sing. You're lucky someone is at your press conference, you f***."

Stern said Rihanna acted like "the Queen of England." He also called Rihanna a "lunatic."

"What do you want people to ask you?" Stern wondered. He then criticized Rihanna's seeming lack of creative input in her music.

"What am I going to ask you about? How you write your own music?" he continued. "You're not The Beatles. You write these pop songs, you're a lovely girl, you're good-looking, and you're dating Ashton Kutcher.


Or you're not."

Stern then said that Rihanna should've been honest about what happened between the two.

"That would be so refreshing," Stern said.

Rihanna Puts An End To An Interview When A Reporter Asked Her About Dating Rumors

Rihanna continued to dodge questions about her private life when promoting Battleship in Australia. While in Sydney, the "We Found Love" singer was talking to host Natalie Barr on an Australian morning show.

At the start of the interview, Rihanna seemed warm and open to the interviewer. She began by telling Barr that she wasn't feeling well the night before.


She happily talked about her acting debut as well as the possibility of her playing Whitney Houston somewhere down the line.

Rihanna's tone changed, however, when Barr asked a question concerning her private life.

"You talked recently about how difficult it is finding love in general," Barr began. "How frustrating is it when you're linked to another Hollywood star even if you've barely met them?"

"Very frustrating," Rihanna said. "Almost as frustrating as being asked about it."

Many wondered what Barr's question was referring to. Some thought she was asking about Kutcher. Others believed this could've been the start of a line of questioning that may have delved deeper into other personal rumors.


Chief among them was the rumor that Rihanna was hooking up with Chris Brown, who was also in Australia at the same time.

"You don't like going there?" Barr asked.

"I mean, what's the point?" Rihanna responded.

"Well, people are interested in you because you're a big star," Barr said.

"They are! They're interested in a lot of things that don't matter or shouldn't matter," Rihanna shot back.

According to the report, that's where the interview ended. While no footage was shown of Rihanna walking out, it was said that the question caused the interview to come to an abrupt end.

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