Drake Shocked by J. Cole's Apology to Kendrick Lamar, Says Akademiks

Drake is not backing down from the brewing beef with Kendrick Lamar, despite J. Cole's public apology. According to Akademiks, Drake is not planning to take the route of apologizing like Cole did. In a recent conversation with Ak, Drake allegedly laughed off the idea of saying sorry to Kendrick and expressed disbelief at the suggestion. This response signals that a Drake diss track directed at Kendrick might be on the way.

J. Cole surprised fans by apologizing to Kendrick Lamar during his Dreamville Festival, expressing admiration for Lamar's talent. He also pledged to remove his diss track aimed at Kendrick, titled "7 Minute Drill," from streaming services. This unexpected turn of events has cast doubt on Cole's credibility among fans. With Kendrick's disses towards Drake and Cole dominating the charts, this brewing rap beef is only intensifying.

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