How Machine Gun Kelly Feels About Fox's Revealing 'Call Her Daddy' Interview

American rapper Machine Gun Kelly is showing unwavering support for his partner, actress Megan Fox, after her candid interview on Call Her Daddy podcast. According to a source, the musician is fully behind Fox as she bravely shared personal details ranging from plastic surgery to her relationship with him.

Fox's decision to speak openly on the podcast came from a desire to tell her own story without fear of misinterpretation. MGK, recognizing her strength and independence, respects her choice to share their narrative, even if it involves their relationship. The couple remains committed to each other and is working through any challenges without rushing the process.

In her interview, Fox addressed the ups and downs of their relationship, including a brief split in 2023 when she removed all traces of MGK from her social media. Despite the turbulence, both are dedicated to moving forward together.

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