Cardi B's Bold Revelation: Offset Out, Self-Love In! Relationship Status Shock!

In an article titled "Cardi B: Where She REALLY Stands with Offset," E! News discusses the current status of Cardi B's relationship with her estranged husband, Offset. Despite their highly publicized split and ongoing divorce proceedings, rumors have suggested that the couple might be reconciling. However, the article clarifies that Cardi B is not back together with Offset and that they are simply co-parenting their daughter, Kulture.

It is explained that Cardi B and Offset have remained amicable for the sake of their child, but their romantic relationship has not been rekindled. The article emphasizes that Cardi B is focused on her career and being a hands-on mother, and she does not have any plans of reuniting with Offset.

The article also mentions Cardi B's recent interview with Elle magazine, where she opened up about the challenges and importance of co-parenting. She expressed her desire to ensure that her daughter has a strong connection with her father, despite their separation.

Overall, the article highlights that while Cardi B and Offset are maintaining a friendly relationship for their daughter, they are not getting back together. Cardi B prioritizes her music career and her role as a mother, and has no intentions of reconciling with Offset.

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