Rebel Wilson Says Her Agency 'Liked Me Fat' Because Roles Paid Well

Rebel Wilson, known for her comedic roles, is making headlines once again with revelations about her former talent agency. In her new memoir, "Rebel Rising," she claims that her team preferred her when she was heavier because it meant more money in commission for them. Wilson described feeling trapped in a "multimillion-dollar pigeonhole" due to this preference and contractual obligations to not lose weight for certain roles.

Despite these challenges, Wilson is grateful for the opportunities that the "Pitch Perfect" franchise provided her, allowing her to secure her first 8-figure deal. In her memoir, she opens up about negotiating this significant paycheck for "Pitch Perfect 3," in which she reprised her role as the beloved character, Fat Amy. Wilson hopes that sharing these experiences will inspire other women in the industry to speak openly about their achievements and earnings, just as male actors do.

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