"I Slept 3 Hours a Day": Kobe Bryant Reveals Why He Had to Change, Despite Outworking LeBron James


During his time in the NBA, Kobe Bryant was beyond iconic. 5 NBA championships alone would probably do that for anyone. However, it doesn’t stop there. No, aside from his actual achievements, it was his relentless work rate that truly inspired his fans the most. However, as it turns out, it was also the cause of some not-so-healthy sleeping habits.

You see, Kobe Bryant was so in love with practicing, that he simply couldn’t sleep at night. And the result? Well, let’s just say, it took a hard slap in the face from reality for him to realize a basic fact of life.


How Kobe Bryant was forced to realize that his sleeping habits weren’t the healthiest in the world

Kobe Bryant was anything but responsible about his time spent sleeping. Really, the man probably believed that any time used to sleep was time mercilessly wasted. And yet, of course, it is an essential part of every human’s life. And that’s exactly what the Black Mamba was. Human.

Given that fact, his choosing not to sleep for long periods wasn’t going to fly smoothly for too long. And sure enough, at one point, he hit a rather insurmountable wall that forced him to think. Take a look at the short YouTube clip below to watch the man explain.

It is almost hilarious how the man seemed to think something so obvious was a brilliant discovery. But then again, to a worker as relentless as himself, it truly was one. And despite bringing the necessary changes in his sleep schedule, the man failed to change too much. Something that Dwyane Wade had to find out in a rather hilarious way.


Dwyane Wade explains how mercilessly Kobe Bryant outworked him and LeBron James during their time on Team USA

Dwyane Wade is inarguably one of the greatest players to have ever played in the NBA. LeBron James is arguably the greatest over. And as the obvious states, they had to work pretty darn hard to get to that status.

And yet, Kobe Bryant made it all seem like nothing more than child’s play without ever trying. In the short YouTube clip below, you can see a flabbergasted Dwyane Wade explain the whole thing.

There may be certain select players the NBA community believes were better than Kobe Bryant on the court. However, there is no doubt that no one ever worked as hard as he. Rest in Peace, Black Mamba.


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