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HOT NEWS!Miranda Lambert Finds Peace with Husband in 'Secret Hideout' Home after She Sold House Shared with Blake Shelton!

Miranda Lambert, the country singer, recently posted a new reel of her and her husband, Brendan McLoughlin. The reel showed the two enjoying some home cooking that Brendan had made.

The clip also featured their dogs as Brendan fed them some of his pasta dish. The Nashville singer mentioned in the caption that they were tuckered out from the trip but very fulfilled. The clip is set to "That's Amore" by Dean Martin.

Miranda's fans thoroughly  the post, adding that they were impressed by her tech skills. Many commenters wanted to let the couple know how nice they looked together. One person mentioned that it took them almost 5 hours to make their first reel.

Miranda and Brendan have a very sweet story of how they met. He was  as part of "Good Morning America's" security team at the time. She performed on the show with her band, The Pistol Annies, and her bandmates knew he was perfect for her.

Without her knowledge, the rest of the band invited Brendan to their next show. He was delighted and went. The two got along perfectly, and no more than three months later, they decided to get engaged. The two are very happy together, and Miranda is glad to finally have a stable relationship.

Before Brendan, the singer was  to Blake Shelton. In 2015, Miranda and Blake divorced, and a series of subsequent dates and relationships turned out badly for her. On top of that, the media and tabloids focused on her, making life difficult and dating even more impossible.

At first, the musician was  that a life of fame and all the attention that comes with it would scare Brendan off. Brendan was an NYPD police officer, so he's not at all used to being in the public eye so much. But he takes it "Like a champ," according to his wife.

Miranda jokes that he's almost handling the fame better than she is. He often shows up to red-carpet events with her as arm candy. He also loves touring the world with her when she has to travel for shows. And Miranda enjoys having an attractive husband to show off to the cameras.

Brendan was also married before, and he has a son with his ex-wife. The couple is currently living in both Nashville and New York. They had their wedding in 2019 and moved into Miranda's Nashville mansion that she got in her divorce settlement.

Miranda's "Secret Hideout"

Miranda's giant Nashville mansion is  in the highly sought-after area referred to as Music City. This 5-bedroom, 5.5-bathroom, and 5,800-square-foot house can be found in a gated community in Nashville's Forest Hills area.

The community offers the Grammy winner much-needed privacy, solitude, and wonderful views. The living room is a huge, open space with a stone fireplace. The rooms of the house each have en suite separate bathrooms.

The outside of the house is also meticulously . Several porches surround the house, allowing residents to take in the lovely Nashville afternoons in comfort. Brick retaining walls make the house a pleasure to look at from the outside, and detailed landscaping draws everything together.

Although the mansion is luxurious and lovely, the Country music star and her husband decided to  the property in 2020. As a part of Miranda's divorce settlement, the house understandably comes with a history for her. So, the two sold the property for around $2.9 million and decided to build a new home.

While they're busy building their dream house, Brendan and Miranda have leveled down a bit. The two are living in a little cabin at the back of the property. Nonetheless, Miranda is excited about the new house. She :

"I moved, and I'm creating a new magic porch."

Miranda also admitted that she often  from her house when she needs to write new music. She explained that she has a "secret hideout" at her management offices in Nashville. She loves the tucked-away little room where she can just hang out.

The couple is definitely a great match, and both of them are extremely happy.

The room is beautifully decorated, with calm, neutral cream colors to help its residents relax. The walls are covered with memorabilia and things that remind the looker of all Miranda's achievements. Artwork and plants are scattered throughout the room, and there's even a bar.

Miranda also stores all her old costumes and outfits in the room. Every piece of clothing in her little escape from fame was worn to some event, music video, show, or on tour. Mounted on the walls are also some of her platinum records. A neon pink guitar that she played at the 2021 ACM Awards is also displayed.

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