Previewing LSU women's basketball's Sweet 16 matchup with UCLA

LSU's journey through the tournament's opening weekend was fraught with challenges, but the Lady Tigers managed to navigate through and secure a spot in the Sweet 16. Now, Kim Mulkey and her team are gearing up to face the No. 2 seeded UCLA Bruins in Albany, New York. Despite being the underdogs, LSU is anticipated to have a slight edge in this matchup. 

As the Tigers set their sights on UCLA, the spotlight shines on the matchup between the two best rebounding teams in the country. UCLA leads the nation in rebounding rate, with LSU following closely behind. On the offensive boards, LSU has the upper hand, while UCLA showcases a deep roster of skilled rebounders.

However, LSU's Angel Reese stands out as one of the top rebounders nationally, alongside Aneesah Morrow, forming a formidable duo on the court.

With both teams known for their aggressive playstyles, the question looms over UCLA's ability to avoid foul trouble. LSU's relentless defense has often forced opponents into fouls, giving the Tigers an advantage. UCLA's propensity for fouling could play into LSU's hands, especially if they capitalize on free-throw opportunities.

The game is also a showcase of star power, with LSU's Reese, Morrow, and Flau'Jae Johnson facing off against UCLA's Charisma Osborne, Kiki Rice, and Lauren Betts.

The battle in the post between Betts and LSU's formidable duo is a key matchup to watch. 

As the game approaches, LSU must maintain focus and avoid distractions, including rumors surrounding a potential story about Mulkey. With a potential trip to the Final Four on the line, LSU cannot afford to look past their current opponent. Winning consecutive titles requires unwavering focus and determination, qualities that LSU must exhibit to emerge victorious.

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