"Aside from God-given talent, I credit everything else from him" - Paul George on channeling Kobe Bryant

If there was no Kobe, there wouldn’t be a “Playoff P.”

The entire basketball world was devastated by the untimely passing of NBA all-time great Kobe Bryant. Since then, a part of  star Paul George has been missing. Perhaps, that’s how it feels to lose not only an idol, more importantly, the reason why he is the player he is today.

” George told  in 2020.


It was easy to see how Bryant impacted George’s life and career. In his first three seasons in the NBA, “” rocked the No.

24. Following ’s death, George was all-in on bringing it back. However, it didn’t take long before he realized that a legendary player of Bryant’s stature deserves to be honored not only by the player whom he touched the most but by the entire NBA as well.

 the eight-time All-Star explained.

Kobe gave PG13 and Kawhi a thumbs up

George may have never gotten the chance to play alongside Bryant in the NBA. But the way Kobe spoke highly of him and  was enough for PG13 to believe that he’s with the right team and the right people.

 Bryant said of George and Leonard.

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