Ryan Reynolds discusses children's overwhelming fascination with Taylor Swift

Ryan Reynolds recently spoke about children's intense fascination with pop superstar Taylor Swift, highlighting the celebrity's overwhelming influence on young minds. The actor shared his perspective on this phenomenon during a virtual appearance on SiriusXM's The Jess Cagle Show.

Reynolds, a father of three, admitted that his own children share the world's obsession with Taylor Swift. The Hollywood star, who is known for his quick wit and playful banter, conveyed both amusement and concern when discussing children's infatuation with the singer.

Acknowledging Swift's undeniable talent and popularity, Reynolds emphasized that kids' fixation on her music and persona is undeniable and almost overwhelming.

He jokingly compared their devotion to a cult-like behavior, where children express unconditional love for the artist. Reynolds speculated that this unyielding adoration might be attributed to Swift's ability to connect with her younger audience through emotional and relatable lyrics.

While Reynolds finds it amusing at times, he also expressed some apprehension about the intensity of children's attachments to celebrities like Swift. He questioned whether this level of obsession can be healthy or sustained over time, as children's interests often wax and wane rapidly. The actor reasoned that although admiration for a particular artist or celebrity is natural, it becomes more consequential when it consumes a child's entire world.

Despite Reynolds' concerns, he recognizes the significance of pop culture icons in children's lives. He explained that these figures serve as influential and even inspirational role models, fostering creativity and imagination in young minds. Reynolds emphasized the importance of parents maintaining a balance and ensuring that their children have exposure to various artistic influences to broaden their horizons.

The actor also touched upon his own experiences with his kids expressing deep admiration for Taylor Swift. He recalled a memorable instance where his daughter invited a friend over for a playdate, during which they spent hours dancing and singing along to Swift's music.


Reynolds humorously narrated how the duo choreographed an elaborate dance routine in the living room, displaying the power of Swift's music in captivating young audiences.

Ultimately, Ryan Reynolds' conversation shed light on the overwhelming impact that Taylor Swift and other pop icons have on children worldwide. While expressing both amusement and concern, he highlighted the importance of managing children's obsessions with celebrities and promoting a broader range of influences in their lives.

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