Cops Searching For Kansas City Chiefs Rashee Rice

Kansas City Chiefs Wide Receiver Rashee Rice is currently being sought after by the Dallas Police Department following a major car accident. The incident occurred on the 6600 block of northbound North Central Expressway, involving a Lamborghini and a Corvette, with both drivers allegedly speeding in the far-left lane. The Lamborghini lost control, hitting the center median wall and initiating a chain reaction collision with four other vehicles. Six vehicles were ultimately involved in the crash.

Reports indicate that the occupants of both the Lamborghini and Corvette fled the scene without offering medical assistance or providing their information, while two individuals were treated for minor injuries on site and two others were taken to a local hospital. Police suspect Rice of leaving the scene without providing necessary information, but details surrounding the accident and his involvement remain unclear. Law enforcement officials continue their investigation to identify those responsible for the crash.

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