Usher Keeps Roller-Skating at Vegas After-Party Following Halftime Show


Usher's electrifying halftime performance at Super Bowl LVIII left fans wanting more, and the superstar did not disappoint. Following the game, Usher hosted an extravagant after-party in Las Vegas that was attended by a bevy of A-list celebrities. TMZ obtained exclusive video footage of Usher showing off his roller skating skills on the dance floor, reminiscent of his halftime act.

The star-studded event took place at Flipper's Roller Boogie Palace inside Encore Beach Club at Wynn Las Vegas. The party included performances from music icons Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Diplo, and Hardy. The celebration also served as a tribute to Usher's new album, "Coming Home," and the 30th anniversary of Snoop and Dre's hit song "Gin & Juice."


While rumors swirl about Usher's recent marriage, witnesses at the party claim the singer was seen enjoying the festivities with his longtime partner, Jennifer Goicoechea. Usher and Jennifer were reportedly granted a marriage license in Clark County, but no official wedding details have been revealed yet.

In addition to his personal milestones, Usher's collaboration with Flipper's Skate brand for the Super Bowl halftime show has garnered attention. Fans can now purchase the Flipper's Quadz by Usher, the same skates worn by the singer and his team during the performance.

Despite the rumors, Usher has plenty to celebrate. From his remarkable performance at the Super Bowl to his new album and a possible new wife, Usher continues to captivate audiences with his smooth moves both on and off the stage.


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