“I don’t think they want to do it”: Lynda Carter Makes a Bold Claim About Wonder Woman 3 That James Gunn Must Address Soon to Avoid Controversy

Gal Gadot has taken over the iconic role of Wonder Woman from Lynda Carter, but Carter will always be remembered for her portrayal of the superhero. Carter, known for her advocacy for important causes, reprised her role in Wonder Woman 1984, much to the delight of fans. Although it was Gadot who wielded the lasso of truth, Carter has hinted at the fate of Wonder Woman in the DC Universe. Fans, however, seem uninterested in the franchise, as evidenced by their lack of enthusiasm for a potential threequel. Despite this, James Gunn remains focused on rebooting the DCU, with a prequel series titled Paradise Lost in the works. Gadot's Wonder Woman movies can be streamed on Max for those interested in revisiting the character's adventures.

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