🚀 Curtis's Jaw-Dropping Secret Unveiled in General Hospital Episode! 💥 Prepare for the ultimate thrill as Aunt Stella spills the beans on his game-changing secret - he can walk! What's behind Curtis's silence? 💣 💯 Click the comment section link to uncover the full story.

In the upcoming episode of General Hospital, airing on Tuesday, April 2, 2024, viewers can expect some major developments, especially for Curtis. Aunt Stella is curious why Curtis is hiding a big secret from his family - turns out, he can get out of his wheelchair and may be able to walk. What's Curtis up to keeping such a huge news under wraps?

Meanwhile, Anna is in no-nonsense mode at the precinct, asserting her authority in the matter because "it's her jurisdiction." Is she having a showdown with FBI Agent John Cates or Sonny? Her tone suggests she means business with either of them.

Elsewhere, Dex defends his past actions to Detective Bennett as he gears up for a crucial interview with the PCPD. Will Bennett give Dex the green light? Willow raises doubts about Jason withholding information from Carly, leading to tension and discontent between the couple.

Over at Crimson, Drew unexpectedly reaches out to Nina, sparking talks of "payback" and potential conflict. Will they find common ground or continue butting heads? Meanwhile, Jason contemplates the future of his relationship with Agent Cates now that he's free - questioning the need to maintain their arrangement.

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