Ex-Employee Sues Kanye West, Claims He Wanted Jail at Donda Academy

Kanye West is now facing legal trouble from a former employee who accuses Ye of expressing alarming plans for children at his Donda academy and promoting antisemitic beliefs at the school. Trevor Phillips has recently filed a lawsuit against KW, stating he was hired by the Yeezy organization towards the end of 2022 - amid Ye's controversial antisemitism allegations. 

Phillips claims he was initially responsible for expanding cotton production for Kanye's clothing brand but eventually was tasked with managing Donda Academy, where issues arose due to Kanye's controversial statements. Phillips alleges Kanye frequently shared his antisemitic opinions with school staff and students, including stating that he wanted to shave children's heads and install a jail on campus.

In the lawsuit, Phillips recounts a strange encounter with Kanye at the Nobu Hotel in Malibu, during which Ye reportedly made offensive remarks about Jewish people and praised Hitler. Phillips also claims Ye disclosed personal details about his struggles with porn addiction and his negative views towards the LGBTQ+ community. 

Additionally, Phillips accuses Kanye of mistreating Black employees, leading to his abrupt dismissal in May 2023 during a Sunday Service. Phillips is seeking legal action against Kanye for discrimination, harassment, and creating a hostile work environment, among other charges, and is pursuing significant damages for the alleged mistreatment. Ye has not responded to requests for comment at this time.

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