Kaley Cuoco Shares First Photo of 11-Month-Old Daughter Matilda Standing Up: 'Her Face'

Kaley Cuoco’s heart swells with pride as she watches her little Matilda take her first steps towards independence at the park. The actress, 38, couldn't contain her excitement as she shared a snapshot of her 11-month-old daughter standing on her own on Instagram Story.

In the photo, tiny Matilda can be seen propping herself up against a treehouse, a mischievous grin playing on her lips as she looks up at her mom. Dressed in a snug black North Face puffer coat, she radiates cuteness and determination. Cuoco affectionately captioned the image, “Standing ok. Also her face 😂”.

Earlier that day, Cuoco posted another picture of Matilda snuggled up in her arms, bundled in the same puffer jacket.

The adorable baby gazes wide-eyed at the camera, clutching a white stuffed animal tightly. Cuoco playfully added stickers that read “So Cold!” and “My Bébé” to the photo.

Tom Pelphrey, Cuoco’s partner, and father of Matilda joined in the celebration online, sharing the joy of their daughter’s milestones. The couple welcomed Matilda on March 30, 2023, and Cuoco announced her birth with a heartfelt post on Instagram introducing their "little miracle" to the world.

As Matilda's first birthday approaches, Cuoco is filled with love and gratitude for the joy her daughter brings into their lives.

She proudly voices her adoration for her baby, saying, “I love her so much, I really do.” Cuoco describes Matilda as a funny little girl who finds her mom endlessly entertaining, casting her in the role of her personal 24/7 clown.

As Cuoco’s family grows, the bond between Matilda, her parents, and Pelphrey continues to strengthen, filling their home with laughter and love. The actress couldn’t be happier, cherishing each moment spent with her beloved daughter and boyfriend.

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