Country Singer Jelly Roll Says He Bailed on Meeting Diddy Because of a Bad Feeling

Jelly Roll backed out of meeting Diddy at the last minute, feeling weird about it. While on the Cancelled With Tana Mongeau podcast, he shared that he was supposed to meet Diddy backstage at Jimmy Kimmel Live! but decided against it. Jelly Roll jokingly mentioned not wanting to meet the guy who got 2Pac killed. His decision came on the same day a woman accused Diddy's son, King Combs, of sexually assaulting her on a yacht. The woman, Grace O'Marcaigh, claimed Combs became fixated on her during a party on the yacht and attempted to force her into sexual acts. O'Marcaigh has a recording of the incident and has listed Diddy as a defendant in her lawsuit. Jelly Roll's rise to fame in country music was also discussed during the podcast.

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