Here Are the Lyrics to Lainey Wilson, 'Country's Cool Again'

Lainey Wilson wowed fans at the CMT Music Awards with her performance of "Country's Cool Again." The singer showcased her stage presence as she sang about the resurgence of traditional country music, a trend that has come back in her favor. Written with Trannie Anderson, Dallas Wilson, and Aslan Freeman, the song's lyrics capture the essence of country living and the appeal of the genre. Wilson's performance was a standout moment of the event, showing her talent as both a singer and songwriter. The chorus about embracing country living, along with catchy verses like "Once you get a taste, you'll lick the spoon, learn every word to the Dance and Neon Moon," resonated with the audience. Wilson's authenticity and connection with her fans have solidified her status as a rising star in country music.

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