"Exciting Returns and Intriguing Drama Await on General Hospital: Jason Morgan's Epic Comeback!" 🌟🔥📺

Are any of your favorite performers from the past returning to General Hospital? Well, I've got some exciting news for you! Let's dive into the latest casting updates from the ABC soap.

Let's start with the long-awaited return of Jason Morgan. You won't believe it, but Steve Burton is back! He has been taping scenes as his beloved GH alter ego and is all set to make his on-air comeback on March 4th. It's been quite a while since we last saw Jason on our screens – he seemingly died in a tunnel explosion on Cassadine Island back in 2021. But hey, he's returning, and we couldn't be more thrilled about it! Steve Burton originally joined the GH family in 1991, so he's practically a legend.

Now, let's get to the juicy part. What will Jason do once he's back? And who will he be paired with? The speculation is running wild! Will he rekindle his romance with Carly, played by the fabulous Laura Wright? Or will he be drawn back to Sam, portrayed by the stunning Kelly Monaco, or Elizabeth, played by the talented Rebecca Herbst? Oh, the possibilities are endless, and we can't wait to see where this story takes us.

Speaking of returns, Jacqueline Grace Lopez is reprising her role as Blaze on Tuesday, February 13th.

Brace yourselves because things are about to get interesting. Molly, played by the talented Kristen Vaganos, will discover that Blaze and her own sister Kristina, portrayed by the lovely Kate Mansi, are actually a couple. Can you imagine her reaction? We're dying to know what Molly will think about this revelation. And on top of it all, she might even start questioning if this is the right time for Kristina to be pregnant. Drama, drama, and even more drama!

Oh, the excitement is just too much to handle. The world of General Hospital is about to become even more intriguing, my friends, so make sure you don't miss a single episode!

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