Jennette McCurdy Reveals Ariana Grande's Silence on Their Abuse | Personal Accounts on Goalcast

In the article "Jennette McCurdy Exposes Ariana Grande’s Silence About Their Abuse" on Life Stories by Goalcast, Jennette McCurdy calls out Ariana Grande for not speaking out about the abuse they both faced in the entertainment industry. McCurdy, known for her role in the TV show "iCarly," reveals that both she and Grande experienced similar traumatic experiences during their time working together on Nickelodeon shows. Despite McCurdy sharing her story and advocating for victims of abuse, Grande has remained silent on the matter. McCurdy expresses her disappointment in Grande's lack of support and encourages her to use her platform to speak out against abuse. This article sheds light on the importance of speaking out against abuse and the need for individuals in positions of influence, like Grande, to use their platform to support and advocate for victims.

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