Mariska Hargitay talks ending planned for iconic Law & Order role

She was coy about it, however, and she just responded: "I have!" when asked whether she had the conclusion planned, but was unwilling to share it.

"Not yet," was her simple response, although she did confirm that the show's producer, Dick Wolf, was aware of her planned bow out.

The love for Mariska as the iconic television special agent has only gotten stronger over the years, even walking away with the Choice Drama TV Star on Tuesday night's People's Choice Awards.

Mariska was recently honored with a People's Choice Award for her roleShe spoke with Nerds of Color back in September about her experience playing such a strong-willed character, saying: "It's such a privilege.

"It's hard to put into words what it's like to find your life's work and find your higher meaning. I am so grateful to play whatever part, however big or small, in any survivor's healing. 

"So for me, if I walked away tomorrow, I would be happy because it's just been beautiful to teach people how to deal with survivors, teach people about the neurobiology of trauma, teach people things that they didn't understand, and also play a part in a victim's healing, you know?"

The TV star has played Olivia Benson for over 20 yearsShe continued: "To believe somebody, to promote empathy and compassion, and to know that's the only way forward is love, the only way forward is those thing

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