Michael Jackson Estate Slams Auctioneers For Bogus 'Thriller' Jacket

Michael Jackson's estate is disputing an upcoming auction of a "Thriller" jacket, asserting that the garment was never worn by the late pop icon in the iconic music video. In a letter addressed to the auction house, Gotta Have Rock and Roll, the estate's attorney, Jonathan Steinsapir, unequivocally states that the jacket up for sale was not worn by Michael during the production of "Thriller." According to Jonathan, only two genuine "Thriller" jackets were worn in the film, with one fetching nearly $2 million at an auction more than a decade ago. Concerned that the auction listing may mislead the public and diminish the value of authentic Michael Jackson memorabilia, the estate is demanding that Gotta Have Rock and Roll overtly clarify in the auction title that the jacket was not worn by Michael for promotional purposes.

Since the estate's letter, the auction house has modified the title to read "Michael Jackson 1983 Owned & Worn Thriller Style Jacket," including a disclaimer that the jacket is similar to the one worn in the video. Despite the clarification, devoted Michael Jackson fans will still find the sight of the jacket a thrilling experience.

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