"Detective Donovan Exits Law & Order: Who Will Fill His Shoes in Season 23? 🕵️‍♂️🔍"

Law & Order, the popular TV series, is set to return with new episodes in the upcoming year. However, one of its primary cast members, Jeffrey Donovan, will not be returning for the show's 23rd season. According to TVline, Donovan, who played Detective Frank Cosgrove on the revived NBC procedural, departed due to creative differences. The news has left fans wondering who will fill the void left by Donovan's departure.

Detective Frank Cosgrove was a hard-edged, old-school detective who often clashed with his partners and superiors. In the 22nd-season finale, he played a crucial role in catching a senator's killer, marking his final appearance on the series.

This isn't the first cast change that Law & Order has experienced since its revival in 2021. 

Law & Order has a long history of cast changes throughout its existence. The original cast only remained intact for a single season before George Dzunda departed. His replacement, Paul Sorvino, also only lasted for one season before being replaced by Jerry Orbach, who became a beloved staple of the show for a decade. 

Despite the cast turmoil, Law & Order remained a mainstay for NBC's drama lineup. It launched numerous spinoffs and was even revived in 2021.

Now, with Donovan's departure, the show will be looking for a permanent replacement for Detective Frank Cosgrove. As fans eagerly await the new season, they can expect the same dedication to justice and thrilling storytelling that Law & Order has become known for.

Jeffrey Donovan, a TV veteran known for his role in the spy drama Burn Notice, his appearances in Fargo and Shut Eye, and his latest project, the Western Surrounded, alongside Letitia Wright, Jamie Bell, and the late Michael K. Williams, will be missed by fans. Law & Order is set to return for its 23rd season in early 2024, and viewers can catch it streaming on Peacock in the U.S. 

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