Cheryl Hines Defends Larry David Beating Up Elmo

Cheryl Hines has come forward to defend Larry David after the recent incident with Elmo, stating that the show's producers should have known better than to put them on the same set. Hines, who worked alongside David on the television show "Curb Your Enthusiasm," expressed her support for her former co-star during an episode of "Literally with Rob Lowe." According to Hines, David simply does not care, not about puppets, nor about human beings. She believes that his disregard for people's feelings is well-known, making it unsurprising that he would react negatively to a puppet preaching about mental health.

Hines made it clear that Elmo did nothing wrong and placed the blame on the showrunners for putting them in that situation. While Hines sees the incident as a joke, others in the television industry did not take it as lightly. Wil Wheaton, known for his role in "Star Trek," publicly criticized David, revealing that the incident triggered traumatic memories of his own abuse.

As of now, David has not responded to Wheaton's condemnation. However, considering Hines' support and the sarcastic "apologies" from David himself, it seems unlikely that Wheaton will receive a sincere apology anytime soon. Cheryl Hines is standing by her friend, even if he continues to find himself in fights with puppets.

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