“I was doing some other s**t” - Snoop Dogg says he turned down a chance to meet Michael Jordan, says he wants to meet him as a fan

Despite being two of the most famous people of the 1990s,  and  have never met. The rapper recently talked about turning down the opportunity to meet the Hall of Famer.

As one of the greatest basketball players of all time, Michael Jordan has had the opportunity to engage in a  off the court. The off-court life of the  legend has also given him the chance to party with many stars.

The same could also be said about Snoop Dogg. The legendary rapper and DJ has taken his musical talents all over the world and played for many of the biggest stars.

Both cultural icons were at the peak of their celebrity in the 1990s. However, Snoop Dogg recently spoke about never meeting the  legend during an episode of the "Impaulsive" podcast. He said:

"One of the craziest deals I turned down. It was like two million dollars to DJ for, I think it was a Michael Jordan event, and I turned it down, and I never met Michael Jordan, and I want to meet him."

When asked why he did not DJ for a Michael Jordan event, the legendary rapper had a strong reason, stating:

"Because I was doing some other shit. I had shit to do when I had way more customers before I get to you.

But I never met Michael Jordan. I want to meet him, and I want to meet him on a different basis.

"I don't want to meet him when I'm out there DJing. I want to like to meet him as a fan and as a boss."

For an artist on the level of Snoop Dogg, he is often busy with appearances and dates, so making time for a Jordan event can be difficult. Even if he had the opportunity to meet Jordan, it would have been for work rather than pleasure.

What Snoop Dogg would have said to Michael Jordan if he had meet the NBA legend in person


During his podcast appearance, Snoop Dogg spoke about what he would say to Jordan if the two ever met outside of work, stating:

"Like Mike, I love you since North Carolina. I'm a big fan of yours. I love what you do. You're one of the greatest to ever do it. Give me a couple of secrets on how you did this. Can I get a picture with you? You want to smoke a blunt?"

 Given the legendary rapper's affinity for marijuana, it makes sense to offer some to Jordan while doing the typical fan routine. Still, the two icons meeting would be special.

With the two legends globalizing their respective industries and still being famous today, it is likely that they will meet eventually.

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