If Gal Gadot Returns To Fast & Furious, It Shouldn't Be For Fast X!

A potential Gal Gadot return to has been long speculated, yet there is a better option for it to happen than Gisele in . Following her introduction inalso known as , Gisele returned for both and as part of Dominic Toretto’s crew. Gisele died in , which, for , does not mean the character cannot return.

Although Gisele was a villain of sorts at first, retconned the character’s past and established that Gisele had been working for Mr. Nobody since before the events of . The many retcons help explain why seems such a plausible scenario, not to mention how Gal Gadot is now a much bigger star compared to when Gisele died.

According to , Gal Gadot joined 's cast in some capacity.

There’s A Perfect Han & Gisele Spinoff Between Fast & Furious 5 And 6

Han and Gisele spent from one to two years driving around the world between and , meaning that there is a perfect Gisele and Han prequel story set between those two films. Although it’s difficult to say how much time passed between and , the latter suggests that Han and Gisele lived through a few adventures before reuniting with ahead of the Shaw mission. Han and Gisele’s first scene in sees the duo in trouble in Hong Kong, which shows how action-packed their time together was.

A Han and Gisele spinoff set between and would not even have to feel like a tie-in film, as whatever Han and Gisele did during that time didn’t really affect the story of . Granted, a Han and Gisele movie taking place before would make Han’s timeline even more complicated, considering his death in and surprising returns in and . Still, Gisele and Han had great chemistry, and the characters could undoubtedly carry on their own .

A Han & Gisele Prequel Is Better Than Gisele In Fast X

A Gisele prequel film that also features Han would be much better than a potential Gisele return in


simply because it would not retcon yet another character death. Han originally returned for three movies despite his death in , although with the help of a timeline retcon. Letty, who died offscreen at the beginning of 4, was then revealed to be alive at the end of . Finally, revealed that Han’s death in was a fakeout. Therefore, Gisele’s return in would be just too much.

The movies have a character stakes problem, which will only get worse if Gisele returns in. All major will have been retconned, which will lower the stakes for. That is why a Gisele prequel set between and would be a much better way of bringing Gal Gadot’s character back to . Considering that there is no indication of how much time passed between the two movies, there could even be multiple Han and Gisele films set in that period.

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