Jennifer's Ultimatum to Viola After Their Broadway Show Bombs

Oprah Winfrey reportedly threatened Taraji P. Henson after "The Color Purple" musical adaptation flopped. Despite the film version's success, the musical failed to attract audiences leading Winfrey to express her dissatisfaction and point fingers at Henson. The tension between the two actresses allegedly escalated to the point where Winfrey threatened to end Henson's career. The article sheds light on the strained relationship between the two stars and the aftermath of the failed musical. Despite Winfrey's power and influence in the entertainment industry, Henson managed to navigate through the challenging situation and continue her successful career.

The incident serves as a cautionary tale about the pressures and expectations in Hollywood and the potential consequences of a project's failure, even for established actresses like Henson. Ultimately, the article highlights the complexities of the entertainment industry and the impact of career setbacks on celebrities.

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