See Inside Carrie Underwood’s Custom-Built Greenhouse & Chicken Coop On Her 400-Acre Tennessee Property

The 40-year-old "Hate My Heart" singer and mom of two teamed up with Epic Gardening to build out the interior of her greenhouse, which wraps around her garden, and install a custom chicken coop.

Underwood showed Epic Gardening's Kevin and Jacques around her property, giving them a tour of her greenhouse, garden, orchard, and more. Underwood also wasn't afraid to get her hands dirty, helping Kevin and Jacques complete the project.A couple L-shaped beds were added to the greenhouse to "maximize the space," according to Hello Magazine. The beds joined previously installed long and short beds, the outlet indicated.

As for her custom chicken coop, Underwood said she and husband, hockey player, Mike Fisher "wanted it to match the house a little bit." Underwood showed Kevin and Jacques her current set-up for her hens and one rooster, prompting them to remark Underwood's chicken coop was "one of the cleanest coops" they'd ever seen.

Upon the completion of the project, Underwood took to Instagram to thank Epic Gardening for doing the renovations, including a series of photos of the work as a video, backed by her song, "Garden."

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